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MicroMarble GCC (Ground Calcium Carbonate)

MicroMarble GCC (Ground Calcium Carbonate) - is an ultrathin ground marble powder with a content of calcium carbonate CaCO3 ≤ 98%. This type of product has a particle size from 2 microns - 500 microns.
GCC Ground Calcium Carbonate is a white marble powder obtained by crushing and grinding small granules of natural marble.

In comparing with other mineral stones, MicroMarble GCC has a number of advantages:

  • low indicators of abradability , water absorption, porosity.
  • Resistance to temperature effects.
  • High-environmental friendliness.
  • Radiation safety




АMP IMPORT-EXPORT supplies the following fractions:

2 micron

5 micron 

10 micron

20 micron 

40 micron

60 micron

100 micron

200 micron

300 micron 

500 micron

1000 micron


Applications of marble flour

MicroMarble of different fractions as fillers for paper, linoleum, paint and varnish materials, plastic and rubber products and other products have been used for quite a long time. Therefore, the main areas of application of MicroMarble are the production of:

- paint-and-lacquer materials (high optical properties: whiteness and refraction and low chemical activity make it possible to obtain high-quality products resistant to acidic media and weather impact; relative hardness and high strength make MicroMarble an indispensable filler in the manufacture of materials for road markings and marking coatings).

- Dry construction mixtures (sealants, putties, grouts and other finishing materials).

- Household chemicals (cleaning powders, cleaning products, toothpastes, shoe care pastes, etc.).

- paper products (MicroMarble acts as a bleaching agent, a substitute for more expensive fibers and inks, and a deoxidizer).

- drilling fluids. MicroMarble for drilling fluids

- Plastics (ground marble plays the role of filler and colorant, is used in the production of polyolefins, polyester fibers and polyvinyl chloride (PVC)).

- glass containers and glass fibers (the material is rich in calcium, which is necessary for the production of glass);

- rubber products (car tires, gaskets, etc.);

- building materials (linoleum, siding, plastic pipes, etc.).

Important properties of micromarble
Calcium carbonate has unique qualities due to the peculiarities of its chemical structure:
- increased strength of crushed grains
- high content of calcite (more than 99.5%), in other words, few undesirable impurities - coloring oxides of iron, titanium, manganese, cobalt, in connection with which a small amount of water-soluble salts (less than 100 mg/l in terms of Ca2+)
- minimal porosity
- high whiteness
- strong refraction
- strong resistance to ultraviolet radiation
- active solubility in mineral acids.
Compared to other fillers (kaolins, silicates, silica) calcium carbonate is favorably distinguished by high whiteness. It is due to these properties that ground marble takes one of the leading places in popularity among fillers.

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