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Marble Crushed Stone

Our company produces marble crushed stone of different fractions.

Marble crushed stone, fraction size, mm:
• 2,5-5
• 5-10
• 10-20
• 20-40


Crushed marble is used as a finishing material for construction work. Often crushed marble is used as a component of concrete-mosaic floors in buildings, entrances, gas stations.

Industrial application consists in the creation of countertops made of artificial stone, paving slab, facing stone. Crushed marble is ideal in production of monuments and sculptures. Moreover, its also used in water-purifying filters in industry.

Due to ecology-friendly and decorative parameters, crushed marble is used for decorating and creating landscaping design. For example: creating different compositions, alpine slides, garden decorating (colored crushed marble is especially popular here). Marble crushed stone is characterized by high strength, low radioactivity and spark formation, high resistance to weather impact, acids and alkalis.


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