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Barite Concentrate

Barite concentrate or weighting agent (BaSO4) – barite mineral (chemical element from the Periodic Table) or barite sulphate exists in a crystal form, which was processed in a form of micro-fractional sand.

1)Barite concentrate has its own individual chemical structure, that can be inherent depending on certain deposit.

2)Barite divides into classes depending on barium percentage content and other chemical elements.

3) The barite density is about 2,3 cm3 depending on chemical composition.


Barite concentrate is used in a huge range of a manufacturing industries, for example: in roentgenology as a building protector from an ionizing radiation. Moreover, it is a main component in a protective plaster. Barite concentrate is the cheapest protective solution.

Barite concentrate is used in the following industries : gas-and-oil producing industry ( is used as a weighting agent in a deep and superdeep drilling, this is also the most consumed industry)

Cement industry (is used for a oil-well and high-resistance cement production)

Chemical industry (is used to obtain the chemical connections which are contain barite)

Atomic industry (is used as a protective screen from gamma radiation)

Medical industry (is used for a diagnosing patients and the production of medicines)

Glass industry (is used for the high-transparency and high optic parameters production of glass)

Other industries, which use barite concentrate: metal industry, paint and varnish industry, traffic engineering, production of frictional materials and etc.

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