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Marble Chips

Our company produces marble chips of different fractions. 

Marble chips, fraction size, mm:

  • 0-0,2
  • 0-1
  • 0-5
  • 0,5-1
  • 0,2-0,5
  • 1-1,5
  • 1,5-2
  • 2-3


Production of marble chips

Marble chips is obtained after multi-stage processing. Crushing-and-screening plants are used for crushing marble. Material, which is received after processing, can be called “sand” if its fraction is not more than 5 millimeters.

Raw materials are necessarily subjected to an additional stage of purification in order to free it from impurities and unwanted impurities: dust, clay and other additives that can reduce its quality. After that, the marble sand is packed in bags or other containers.

Marble chips is highly demanded in landscape design, for example: decoration of curbs and flowerbeds, alleys in city parks, etc.)

Small fractions of natural stone (marble) are used in the manufacture of sculptures, monuments, curbs. Moreover, marble chips is also used as filler for oil and gas wells.

Often marble chips is used in the production of household chemicals and agriculture needs.

In agriculture, use of marble chips, allows to ozonate and deoxidate the soil. The high percentage of pure calcium in raw materials (up to 39%) permits use it in production of combined fodder for birds and animals.

Marble chips is used in a production of textured marking paint for roads, and also for manufacture of white asphalt which is unique for its aesthetic and functional qualities.

Small fractions of marble can also be used as an aquarium and terrarium fillers and the pure white color of the material will perfectly suit aquarium decor and plants.

The application of marble chips

Due to its unique properties marble crumb is widely used in different industries and agricultural enterprises. In construction, where it is especially important to use convenient and healthy materials, marble chips is used especially widely.

Marble chips  is used in construction for:

1)Decorative coating (internal and external plasters, textures paints)

2)Flood floors

3)Dry building mixing

4)High-strength ceramic products

5)Reinforced concrete products (High-strength concrete, which is used for setting of high-precision equipment and mechanisms)

6)Pavement and mosaic slabs

7)Foam and gas blocks

8)High-strength roofing material, for example: shingles

9)Ventilated facades

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